Water Tanker Truck

Water tanker truck is produced for transportation and distrubition of industrial and drinking water, spraying and washing of streets and tunnels,  dust and environmental control and  fire-fighting purposes. In order to achieve those different operations , each water tanker truck is equipped with various features and it’s designed according to capacity of the carrier vehicle.

Truck Types

Water tanker superstructure can be produced on different kinds of truck chassis of  two, three, or four axles  with the following tank volumes:

  • Approx. 9.000 lt. with load capacity of 18t trucks
  • Approx. 16.000 lt. with load capacity of 26t trucks
  • Approx.  22.000 lt. with load capacity of 32t trucks

Areas of Application and Use

  • Transportation and distrubition of drinking water
  • Transportation and distrubition of industrial water
  • Pressurized street and road cleaning
  • Pressurized tunnel cleaning
  • Dust and environmental control
  • Fire fighting service

General Features

  • Produced of St37 ( EN10025 – S235JR )
  • Cylindrical or elliptical single chamber tank ( water tank)
  • Two-stepped centrifugal water pump ( 1500 lt/m @ 8-10 bar)
  • Power take off (PTO) driven water pump
  • Electrical or manually controlled water hose reel
  • Front, rear or side mounted pressurized water exits
  • Top mounted water gun
  • Electropneumatic control panel from driver cab
  • 3 exit split-shaft PTO or truck PTO
  • Vacuum capacity of at least %90 ( -700 mbar)
  • Hydraulically driven suction hose boom
  • Hydraulic tank lifting
  • Forced emptying via vacuum pump ( in pressure mode)
  • Manual or hydraulic rear door locking
  • Hydraulically opening,  full size rear door
  • Safety and filtering systems for vacuum system

In addition to above listed features, up on request, we can offer countless water tanker equipment variations to suit your individual requirements, providing optimal solutions to your specific disposal operations.

Please click below pdf file for detailed technical specifications of water tanker truck.


Technical Specification of Water Tanker Truck.pdf

Product Catalog of Water Tanker Truck.pdf