..technology , design , innovation.

TDI Engineering and Machinery is focused its abilities on two main subjects, namely, Truck Mounted Machinery and Equipments Engineering and Hydraulic Systems, Project and Application Engineering , by doing so, TDI provides state-of-the-art  solutions which are based on technology, design and innovation to its partners and customers as the name of the company emphasizes.

TDI's truck mounted machinery and equipments products includes, combination sewer cleaning trucks, high pressure sewer jetting trucks, sewer flushing trucks, sewage suction trucks, vacuum trucks, high capacity vacuum loaders, garbage compactor trucks, refuse collecting trucks, water tankers, fuel tankers,  snow ploughs, salt spreading trucks , road sweepers and special purpose equipments for contractors , private and public sector companies. While, hydraulic systems engineering  activities  and services includes , providing complete system and turnkey project solutions on mobile , industrial and servo hydraulic applications as well as production of hydraulic cylinders,  hydraulic manifolds and hydraulic power units. .

TDI promotes the state of the "work" to upper levels with its core "energy" resulting from the educated and enthusiastic team of staff, while always seeking the answer of the following question, "How can we reach one step further?"

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