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Combined sewer cleaning truck delivery.. 27/04/2012

We've recently delivered another combination sewer cleaning unit to a customer who works in sewer cleaning business in Istanbul region. Our combined sewer cleaning unit is mounted on Ford Cargo 2532 truck chassis.

System includes capacity of 4100 m³/h , positive displacement 3 lobe rotary blower type vacuum pump, as well as capacity of 170 bar @ 346 lt/min piston plunger type high pressure sewer jetting pump.  Suction line is constructed with DN150 (6") rubber vacuum hose, while the high pressure jetting hose is NBR, 1" - 120 mt.

kombine kanal araci ford 25321.620px

kombine kanal araci ford 25322.620px

kombine kanal araci kumanda panosu.620px

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