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About us

TDI Engineering and Machinery, has a young , enthusiastic and energetic team that brings required products and services in life with most economic and rational way , without sacrifying high technology standards and quality. TDI, accepts the “engineering” concept not only as a title, but also company’s basic and permanent principle.

TDI knows that in order to provide correct product and application for  specific problems, cooperation with the customer is an important key for the success. Instead of repeating known solutions , TDI aims to bring in modern, user friendly and low maintenance cost  products with working on new technological perspectives.

TDI Engineering and Machinery is always seeking the answer of the following question , “How can we reach one step further?” while providing specially designed , innovatively engineered, high performance products to its public and private customers.

TDI’s activities differ in two main specialty subjects; the first one is “Truck Mounted Machinery and Equipments Engineering” and the other is “Hydraulic Sytems , Project and Application Engineering”

Designing vehicle mounted equipments according to the necessity and application purpose, mounting it to the carrier vehicle and forming a complete machinery requires excellence on the issue and advanced calculation. Bringing quality components together is an important matter but it’s not enough, optimizing those quality components is also a must for such prodcution. TDI has an expert team of engineers who have years of experience in production of the following superstructures and vehicle mounted equipments.

-          Combined Sewer Jetting and Vacuum Truck

-          High Pressure Sewer Jetting Truck

-          Sewage Suction Truck ( Vacuum truck)

-          Salt Spreader

-          Snow Plough (Snowplow)

-          Water Tanker  ( Industrial and Potable )

-          Vacuum Sweeper Truck

-          Front Mounted Road Sweeper

-          Fuel Tanker ( Airports and Transportation)

-          Fire Fighting Vehicles with Hydraulic and Portable Ladders

-          Garbage Compactor Truck

-          Articulated and Telescopic Aireal Platform

TDI’s secondary excellence is on production of Hydraulic Systems and providing Project Engineering services. Designing complex hydraulic systems, preparing respective projects for the hydraulic circuits , making engineering calculations for production process, combining new hydraulic circuit with the existing mechanical and control systems or revising your complete existing system are our primary activities on this special subject. Having practical and theoretical experince on the issue, we are supporting our customers with below listed mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

-          Presses , Machine Tools, Material Handling Machinery

-          Dams , Hydroelectric Power Plants

-          Recyling Machinery  ( Shredders ,Breakers, Bailing Press )

-          Fire Fighting Vehicles, Garbage Trucks, Sewer Cleaning Trucks, Construction Machinery, Drilling Machinery, Road Maintenance and Snow Fighting Vehicles

Our company aims to create not only business relations but also humanitarian relations based on respect and correlative trust with our dear partners . For us, making business with a specific customer for just one time is not a success, we always try our best to create partnerships that will last so many years.

Thank you for your kind interest in our company and range of products.

Hoping to see your name on our reference list soon..